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Old Hills Create Fresh Memories

The storied Blue Ridge Mountains are ancient hills, part of the larger Appalachian Mountain range that runs from Georgia to Pennsylvania. Named for their ethereal bluish hue when seen from a distance – Native Americans referred to them the “Great Blue Hills of God” – the Blue Ridge Mountains are as much a draw to members and guests as the scenic lake that gives the community its name. They have served as watchful sentry over this Western North Carolina landscape for thousands of years. Despite the vicissitudes of time, these majestic mountains remain intact. Lake Toxaway is located in a valley surrounded by Toxaway Mountain, Ravenrock Mountain, Cold Mountain, Panthertail Mountain, Little Panthertail Mountain, and Hawk Mountain. The tallest of these peaks rises to nearly 4,800 feet above sea level – 1,700 feet above the lake surface – to present breathtaking views of the rising elevation.

A Starring Role on the Silver Screen

Cold Mountain, the 1997 best-selling historical novel by Charles Frazier, was adapted into an award-winning film in 2003. The storyline was based on Frazier’s great-great uncle, who lived near the real Cold Mountain just north of Lake Toxaway.

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